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Be a leader in providing distinguished products through continuous innovation and exceptional service.


Thai Ausnor Company Limited was established in 1977 as a manufacturer of all types of quality coils. 


As an affiliated company of Angthong Universal Group, one of the experts in refrigeration products in Thailand, we realized the need for high quality coils to support the growing air-conditioning market. Thai Ausnor became one of the first manufacturers of coils and refrigeration parts in Thailand.  


Under the logo name THAN, we manufactured high quality products that were widely recognized. We began exporting our products globally soon afterwards. Due to the growing demands from customers, our factory was relocated to Minburi in 1988. The new facility allowed us to improve our quality control process, achieve higher production capacity and sustain better working environment. With the added machines, we increased our production capability and improved our quality control process. The product range grew from only coils to finished products such as condensing units, air-cooled condensers, unit coolers, and chiller units.


In 1999, our quality management system was ISO 9001 certified.


In 2007, we introduced COOLSCAPE as a brand of finished products manufactured under ISO 9001, a quality management system that covers both the design phase and production phase.


At present, our experienced Product Design department can design coils and related products with raw materials, suitable parts, dimensions and protective coating to meet customers' demands.


In 1977

Established first factory by Mr. Pipat Roongroj in consultation with fellow Australian and Norwegian businesses. Operate the production of quality coils of all types, starting the business from manufacturing heat exchanger for a leading air conditioner manufacturer in Thailand.

In 1978

First export to New Zealand and Australia

In 1985


Produced brass distributors with US standard

In 1990

Relocated to a 50-Rai (8 Hectare) land on Romklao road, Minburi to increase production capability and broaden our product range from coils to other finished products such as wire condensers, condensing units, air-cooled condensers and unit coolers.

In 1994

Accredited the Quality management system, ISO 9002, covering production, installation and service process

In 1996

Expanded the production area to 15,000 square meters

In 1999

Accredited the Quality management system, ISO 9001, including design and management system

In 2007

Introduced our own brand, Coolscape, covering our condensing units and condensers under international standards

coolscape logo_SMALL.png

In 2008

Received the certification of Energy Saving Project from the Department of Energy

In 2011

Adopted 3D Designing program 

In 2018


Accredited the Quality management system, ISO 9001:2015, regarding controlling and preventing risks 

In 2019

Accepted the certification in managerial operations; working safety, health and environment in organization, Gold award by Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

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