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Continuous Innovation

Along with our constant innovation, we have a quality management system in place to ensure all of our products exceed customers’ expectations. Our team of experienced engineers with advanced design programs also continuously develop products that will benefit the customers.

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Coil protection with THAN Supercoat and THAN Coat to withstand all operating conditions

Coil coating with high corrosion resistance (THAN Supercoat)

THAN’s signature Green Super Hydrophobic coating on all surfaces of coils. Tested according to:

- Neutral Salt Spray Test ASTM B117: 15,000 hours

- Acidified Salt Spray Test ASTM G85 : 3,000 hours


Coil coating for general purposes (THAN Coat)

THAN’s signature Blue coating.

Tested according to:

- Neutral Salt Spray Test ASTM B117: 300 - 500 hours


Cleanliness of Products and Production Process

Our processes efficiently degrease and remove impurities inside copper tubes and coil surfaces. We utilize advanced testing tools and laboratories to ensure the cleanliness of coils meets all customer standards.  


With advanced production line, we can customize products according to any requirements in terms of designs, sizes, installation patterns and multiple materials demands.

Production capability to serve customers’ requirements


Aesthetics of Products

High accuracy machinery and strictly controlled manufacturing system neatly and consistently produce coils that are aesthetically in line with customers' vision.

Condenser THAN super coat
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