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Condenser Coil

Coil on the real podium Because going to use far to the oil drilling platform in the middle of the sea with the Water Coil, the green fin coated water coil THAN Super Coat, not beautiful, just surface level But really resistant, Super Hydrophobic level, durable and highly anti-corrosion Increases the flow of water condensed on the coil surface. Reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt. Keep the coil clean Passed ASTM B117 Neutral Salt Spray Test up to 5,000 hours and ASTM G85 Acidified Salt Spray up to 2,000 hours.


THAN Super Coat has a coating with silver ion (Silver Ion Ag+) to reduce mold and bacteria on the coil. Makes the coil free from microbial contamination (Microbe), plus it is certified by the NSF International Institute, USA, that it is designed and manufactured for food safety as well.

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